COTRUGLI Business School, as the exclusive distributor of the SiA program in SE Europe, invites you to join the demo workshop before launching 2nd generation of strategic leaders and experience firsthand the program's value.

When: Thursday, November 9, 2023 (15-17h)
Where: COTRUGLI Business School, Zagreb

Unlock the power of SiA – Strategy in Action the ultimate platform that drives success for your business strategy.

With a staggering 67% of organisations struggling to execute their strategies effectively,
SiA is your key to tipping the scales in your favour.

Create your strategy using proven methods and streamline the workflow during execution so that you can focus on delivery.

Note: Participation is complimentary upon registration, but there are limited spots available.
Secure your spot by registering early!

The problem

Strategy is key to the success of every organization. Despite all the support and guidance available, many companies still struggle to formulate, execute and monitor their strategy.
Strategy still is managed with inadequate tools like spreadsheets and PowerPoint.

The solution

SiA puts your leadership team in a winning position by combining a proven strategy workflow, a powerful e-learning library, and insightful data augmented by facilitated workshops.

Who are we looking for?

The ideal scenario is to have the CEO/owner and CFO apply from each company to make the most of the value of the program.

Building on success

  • Vedrana Jelušić Kašić
    SiA provides a modern toolkit for strategy development, planning, execution, and monitoring. As a dedicated partner, PBZ assists companies looking to enter capital markets, offering guidance for debt instruments or IPOs.
    Vedrana Jelušić Kašić
    Management Board of Privredna Banka Zagreb
  • Tomislav Gračan
    SMEs, the backbone of Europe and Croatia, face challenges accessing capital for growth. SiA equips them with essential financial market knowledge and resources.
    Tomislav Gračan
    Management Board of the Zagreb Stock Exchange
  • Višnja Mrakovčić Supek
    A robust small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector is indispensable for nur-turing a thriving market economy, and the SiA program is tailored precisely for these enterprises.
    Višnja Mrakovčić Supek
    Principal Manager, Advice for Small Businesses, SME Finance & Development at EBRD
  • Igor Drašković
    The SiA program seamlessly integrates strategy formulation, fostering transparent communication of vision and objectives. It prompts reassessment, leading to robust long-term perspectives.
    Igor Drašković
    President of the Management Board, DRACO
  • Bojan Hadžisejdić
    SiA provided structure, coaching, and valuable self-reflection time to enhance our strategic coordination and business development.
    Bojan Hadžisejdić
    Director, Nephos
  • Hrvoje Tretinjak
    We're delighted with the SiA program's quality, user-friendly platform, and excep-tional lecturers. It's been invaluable for gaining insights into our business and pre-paring our strategy for future growth.
    Hrvoje Tretinjak
    CEO, Aroma Global 3 d.o.o.

Discover the Secret
to Successful Strategy Execution