Monday, 22nd September 2014


Master of Business Administration

- 15 months €15.000 + VAT


Executive Master of Business Administration

- 20 months €18.000 + VAT


Chief Executive Master of Business Administration

- 12-36 months €28.000 + VAT


Doctor of Business Administration

- up to 6 years €28.000 + VAT


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Novi Web Za Web

We are proud to introduce new COTRUGLI website!

AUTHOR: COTRUGLI BUSINESS SCHOOL We are very happy to present our new COTRUGLI website, customized for PCs, smartphones and...
Radimir čačić

COTRUGLI Forum: Radimir Čačić about Entrepreneurship

AUTHOR: COTRUGLI BUSINESS SCHOOL COTRUGLI Business School invites you to Forum “Transformation of Entrepreneurship in Croatia”...
Za članak

Experience Executive MBA: Business and IT

AUTHOR: COTRUGLI BUSINESS SCHOOL Give a jump to your career. Understand how an MBA program can help you boost your business. In...

Are You Ready to Make a Break?

AUTHOR: Mike George It’s surprising the frequency with which we refer to the concept of ‘breaking’ during the course of day-to-day life. The idea of something being broken tends to have a negative connotation. But not always! You break the back of a task; you are sadly thinking of breaking up with someone; the horse was wild but now it’s tame after it’s been broken in; you...

Are You a Positive Thinker?

AUTHOR: Mike George There are many who swear by the power of Positive Thinking. They ‘walk their talk’ and seem to be able to always look and live on the bright side of life. There are others who ‘talk the talk’ of positive thinking who are always saying how good and how important it is to be positive about everything. And yet it’s obviously not working for them as they...

What students say about us?

  • Diana Dimitrova
    Finance manager for Bulgaria, AES CORPORATION, United Kingdom

    These years taught me that to be successful means to keep your mind open and keep learning. Thanks to the EMBA program, I taught to be the best I can be, because the life life does not allow rehearsals.
  • Boris Guina
    Board Member, ZAGREB PLAKAT, Croatia

    COTRUGLI is a school that meets all the participant’s goals and needs, it guarantees the quality of lecturers as well as the excellence of the participants.
  • Ana Hajnal
    Finance Manager, ROCHE, Croatia

    You need a program that will broaden your knowledge across every discipline of business and management, sharpen your analytical skills and boost your confidence. And I experienced all that at COTRUGLI Business School!
  • Aco Momčilović
    Human Resources Manager, BILLA, Croatia

    Beside the interesting EMBA courses that have opened new horizons, it was my pleasure to meet high quality and interesting people who work in demanding positions all over the region.

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