Tuesday, 30th September 2014




7oct18:00COTRUGLI Forum: Transformation of Entrepreneurship in Croatiawith Mr. Radimir Čačić
8oct19:30Chief Executive MBA presentation with ‘’Leadership in Changing Environment’’lecture by Lynne Montgomery
13oct14:00- 16:00HR Forum in Skopje on October 13th about HR Artistry and how it provokes, inspires and helps to create a new meaning of HR
17oct - 18oct 1709:00oct 18Experience Executive MBA: Business and ITUnderstand how an MBA program can help you boost your business.

Latest News

Weekend Media Festival

COTRUGLI Business School at Weekend Media Festival 2014

This year COTRUGLI Business School participated in 7th Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj. Our Executive director Lana Dojčinović spoked...
Cotrugli Days

Cotrugli days, this year in Dubrovnik!

The best way to describe the traditional gathering of COTRUGLI Business School’s students, partners, clients and friends is educative,...
Alumni Congres Slovenia

Alumni Congress was a success!

AUTHOR: COTRUGLI BUSINESS SCHOOL At the Congress there was a blast of new ideas and prospects for future Alumni society development...

HR in danger of losing ‘human side’

AUTHOR: COTRUGLI BUSINESS SCHOOL An increase in process-driven policies and off-shoring HR functions means HR professionals are in danger of losing their close personal relationships with employees, according to SAP chief HR officer for central and eastern Europe Kara Walsh. Walsh is due to speak at the Art of HR conference in Dubrovnik between 13 and 16 November 2014 on the...

Are You Ready to Make a Break?

AUTHOR: Mike George It’s surprising the frequency with which we refer to the concept of ‘breaking’ during the course of day-to-day life. The idea of something being broken tends to have a negative connotation. But not always! You break the back of a task; you are sadly thinking of breaking up with someone; the horse was wild but now it’s tame after it’s been broken in; you...

What students say about us?

  • Mario Martinek

    We started the company after having spent a lot of time and effort in the business plan development during the program, butt all the hard work paid off one the company was up and running.
  • Lora Čurković
    CEO, SEDAMIT, Croatia

    Great colleagues, great lecturers, great program! COTRUGLI made me rethink myself, my career, who I am in general and what do I need to change within myself in order to perform better and to be better - as a person at work, and as a person in general.
  • Lejla Brčanović
    PR Manager, PRIME COMMUNICATIONS, Bosnia & Herzegovina

    Besides new skills and competences in various business segments, MBA taught me to set the right goals and to achieve them very quickly and without obstacles.
  • Jadranka Boban Pejić
    CEO, BIOVEGA, Croatia

    Communication whit my colleagues at school was extremely valuable to me, and I am glad that after the school was finished we all stayed in touch, and help each other when needed.
  • Ivica Srakočić
    Marketing Manager, FRANCK, Croatia

    The program turned out to be exactly what I needed. It filled the gaps in my set of managerial skills and I became much more rounded in other areas of business.
  • Ivana Galić
    Head of Marketing Communications, VIPNET, Croatia

    High - quality networking, open communication and availability of information and knowledge are the key factors, which differentiate COTRUGLI's EMBA from other programs.
  • Emira Mešanović Mandić
    Dirctress, CENTRE CSR PLUS, Bosnia & Herzegovina

    COTRUGLI Business School provides an excellent framework for managers from nonprofit sector who want to upgrade their performance by gaining skills from for - profit companies.
  • Emina Azizi
    Publisher, FUTURE MEDIA, Serbia

    COTRUGLI provides technical knowledge, but, more important, it provides self - knowledge. Some truths one discovers during this process may not be pleasant, but they are helpful and, above all, necessary.
  • Dobrin Mirevsk
    Business Development Director, EOS MATRIX, Bulgaria

    I do not regret a single centimeter of the fifteen thousand kilometers I had to travel to participate in the Executive MBA program of COTRUGLI Business School. It was worth each one of them.
  • Đorđe Mirković
    National Sales Manager Serbia and Montenegro, UNILEVER BEOGRAD, Serbia

    Well established regional MBAs were in my interest as my job was linked with the Balkan and Adriatic region and I wanted to have similar networking.
  • Diana Dimitrova
    Finance manager for Bulgaria, AES CORPORATION, United Kingdom

    These years taught me that to be successful means to keep your mind open and keep learning. Thanks to the EMBA program, I taught to be the best I can be, because the life does not allow rehearsals.
  • Ana Hajnal
    Finance Manager, ROCHE, Croatia

    You need a program that will broaden your knowledge across every discipline of business and management, sharpen your analytical skills and boost your confidence. And I experienced all that at COTRUGLI Business School!
  • Davor Brenko
    Director and Owner, CENTRUS TIM, Croatia

    Investment in business education in the middle of the economic crises was an excellent decision and it helped my company stay ahead of competition, ensuring bright business future.

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