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COTRUGLI Alumni Success Story: Vedran Glogović
The Self-Aware Self

At the recently held COTRUGLI BBQ event in Zagreb, some of our alumni took the stage to pitch their products and services. The event showcased the incredible diversity and innovation within our alumni community, with each pitch offering a unique perspective and entrepreneurial spirit. This lively session nurtured networking, cooperation, and the interchange of innovative concepts.

Curious to see these inspiring pitches in action? Watch the videos below and get inspired by the passion, creativity, and drive of our talented COTRUGLI alumni!

Adi Sarajlić, EMBA 6 ZG
Daniela Bervar Kotolenko, EMBA 5 ZG
Davor Žic, EMBA 20 ZG
Drago Cmuk, EMBA 15 ZG
Goran Šuša, MBA 2
Matej Križnjak, EMBA 20 ZG
Marina Cvirn Jurčec
Pavle Mihajlović, EMBA 16 ZG