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COTRUGLI Blockchain Discovery Workshop

In many organizations, innovation is solely assigned to designated functional groups, like R&D or product development. The myth that one business unit is more suited to innovate than others is a severe obstacle to innovation agility. The truth is that each department can provide a unique perspective on customers’ problems, market opportunities and drive successful innovation leading to material business impact.

COTRUGLI Business School is determined to provide relevant knowledge on the most up-to-date technology which can help organizations to improve their business and create new value. Therefore, it is our pleasure to invite you to a Blockchain Discovery Workshop!

The Blockchain Discovery Workshop will be held on April 26 – 27, 2022. At this 2-days long event, the participants will have an opportunity to identify, refine and validate blockchain-backed project proposal for their company and to evaluate each key point in order to gain a strategic advantage on the market.

Blockchain Discovery (i.e., Hackathon-like concept) is an approach combining digital upskilling with hands-on innovation experience, focusing entirely on blockchain technology. The participants will be challenged to develop a unique blockchain-related project customized to their own company. Each team will be supported by a COTRUGLI  mentor who will help teams to scope down the initiative, mentor the team and offer guidance.

Key takeaways of this Workshop:

  • in-depth understanding of the technical pillars that underpin blockchain technology and its applications
  • the skills to apply blockchain solutions to support business and unlock value
  • an appreciation of the power of decentralization and the business opportunities it presents
  • readiness to present real blockchain-backed use-case for your organization

The program is intended for company teams, while individual applications are welcomed as well!

This program does not require deep technical knowledge and it is designed to help to understand the basics of blockchain technology and its application to business initiatives.

To learn more about the event and application process, visit this link.