The tassel was worth the hassle! Graduation Ceremony at COTRUGLI | COTRUGLI
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The tassel was worth the hassle! COTRUGLI Graduation Ceremony

Last Saturday, March 12, 2022 was all about celebration! We organized the Graduation Ceremony in Belgrade for Executive MBA 11 BG and Executive MBA 12 BG generations. Graduates gathered with their friends and family at Zadružbina Ilije M. Kolarca, where the ceremony was held.

The ceremony began with a welcome speech by Marija Tešić, COTRUGLI’s Executive Director of Belgrade campus. It was followed by a motivational speech by Jyoti Gupta, COTRUGLI’s Dean and Anthony J. Evans, Faculty Dean, who joined the ceremony online. Then Zoran Đorđević, Academic Director and Managing Partner at COTRUGLI, awarded the graduates with their diplomas and the valedictorians held their speeches.

The valedictorians of EMBA 11 BG generations are Jelena Mačković (Head of Marketing & Commercial at Xantis Pharma AG) and Darko Bjelić (CEO at Express Trans). Filip Nedić (Senior Product Manager at Richter Gedeon Srbija) and Aleksandar Pavlović (Manager in CMAAS at PwC) are the valedictorians of EMBA 12 BG generation.

Good mood was continued at the COTRUGLI Alumni party held in the night hours.

The Executive MBA program for these two generations of graduates was about new knowledge, new experiences, determination, growth, getting outside of the comfort zone and ambition. We have no doubt that the new MBAs will make the best of the new perspectives acquired and leave a big mark in the business community, not only across the region, but globally as well.

We’re rooting for their success!