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COTRUGLI graduates receive diplomas stored on blockchain

Powered by HashNET technology

Executive MBA and MBA graduates from COTRUGLI Business School are among the first in the world to receive digital diplomas stored on blockchain. The new digital diplomas, which are stored on HashNET platform, are designed to provide more security and credibility to both students and employers and represent a new era of digitalisation in education.

These new-age diplomas are issued in both print and digital formats with a QR code, and through COTRUGLI Blockchain services, are stored on HashNET network (an efficient and high-impact decentralized solution leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology). Once the QR code is scanned, it is redirected to a special page that contains important information including name of the student, digital sign, hash transaction, digital date stamp and the link to HashNET network which verifies that the diploma is stored on blockchain.

The main benefits of these modern-day diplomas are its authenticity and immutability. Lately, we are seeing more and more forged diplomas, as software for manipulation is available in just a few clicks. This sheds a doubt on the credibility of a job applicant and creates uncertainty for employers. For that reason, COTRUGLI diplomas are designed to stimulate trust and efficiency. As a result, credibility of the students (job applicants) is increased; employers are able to reduce risk of hiring and schools are able to protect its reputation.

Through its Blockchain as a Service project, COTRUGLI Business School will also offer its clients the application development service on the HashNET platform. The value and importance of the project was recognized and co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. The project will ensure the commercialization of an innovative service based on HashNET technology, which serves as an operating system (or blockchain platform) on which customers will design applications according to their needs in the private and public sector, with the main purpose of increasing cyber security.

HashNET technology functions as the vital link between the economy, technological infrastructure and companies that are in the process of developing new products and solutions related to security vulnerabilities that lead to the prevention of security threats and raising the level of cyber security.