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SiA Program – Empowering Businesses with Innovative Strategies

SiA (Strategy in Action) program is an end-to-end strategy program that integrates innovative software, expert workshops, and impactful coaching to empower businesses in devising and implementing more resilient, efficient, and effective strategies.

COTRUGLI’s role in bringing SiA to the region

Eight forward-looking companies eagerly participated in the inaugural generation of the SiA program from November 2022 to March 2023. With unwavering determination, they developed robust strategies meant to propel their businesses to new heights. Fueled by ambition and armed with transformative insights, they are currently in the process of implementing these carefully crafted plans, poised to unlock remarkable growth and success.

Implementing the SiA Strategy at DRACO

Among these companies is DRACO, an enterprise specializing in the production of technologically innovative, tailor-made solutions for waterproofing challenges. Established in 1997 and headquartered in Solin, Croatia, DRACO possesses ambitious plans for the future. CEO Oliver Vuco stated, “We have ambitious business plans. Part of our future investments is the expansion of the production plant for an additional 1,500 square meters, further employment, and the digitalization of our business, which would close the short-term investment cycle. The medium-term plan is to launch a significantly expanded range of products from our own research and development department, and significantly increase exports to new foreign markets. I am optimistic because our successes so far are the result of the work and commitment of extremely dedicated, responsible, and motivated DRACO employees.”

Speaking about the key advantages of going through the SiA program, DRACO’s President Igor Drašković said, “I think the main benefit is connecting all components of strategy formulation into one cohesive whole and communicating the vision, mission, and main goals of the company to the internal organization and the market. Each step of formulating the strategy forced us to reconsider the fundamental assumptions, resulting in high-quality long-term reflections and goals.”

Navigating competition and triumphing in the market

Following the successful completion of the SiA program, DRACO embarked on the implementation phase, cascading the devised strategy down throughout the entire organization. This involved aligning corporate goals across departments and carefully evaluating financing options for the company’s next significant leap in development.

Drašković explained that their main competition primarily comprises global corporations. Thus, having a clear strategy empowers them to effectively navigate the competitive landscape and triumph over their rivals in the domestic market. “Every domestic company that is ambitious and thinking about growth can benefit from this program, which is a distillation of the best business practices from developed markets. Croatian companies that want to develop their business outside the borders of our homeland, on the competitive European and world market, must compare themselves with the best,” he stated.

Big plans for fall 2023

COTRUGLI Business School is delighted to announce the upcoming launch of the second generation of SiA in Fall 2023. This exciting initiative aims to extend the opportunity to a broader range of companies in the region, empowering them with cutting-edge strategic frameworks and tools. Through this program, companies will unlock their full potential and emerge as shining examples of the region’s capabilities on the global stage.

To obtain further information about the SiA program, companies interested are encouraged to fill out the form on this page. Join the next generation of thriving businesses and unlock your path to success!

COTRUGLI Business School is the official distributor of the Strategy in Action (SiA) program in Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia Herzegovina.