New online program is now available: Leading After Crisis | COTRUGLI
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New online program is now available: Leading After Crisis

Current world situation with coronavirus has caused a lot of turbulence and insecurity among many companies and world economies. It is of crucial importance to adjust and to stay competitive in the times that will follow. Having in mind the emerging circumstances, COTRUGLI has created a series of virtual lectures called “Leading After Crisis”. Carefully picked topics will give you a unique opportunity to interact with COTRUGLI’s best lecturers and provide you an insight into new businesses and innovative business models.

The program consists of 5 topics that will prepare businesses and leaders for the upcoming challenges after the crisis:

April 23, 2020: Leading through difficult times, Lecturer: Mike George
• April 28, 2020: Crisis: A Chance for Digitization?, Lecturer: Nicolas Kfuri, PhD
• May 7, 2020: Building Resilience through Strategic Predictions, Lecturer: Mark Esposito, PhD
• May 14, 2020: Financial Leadership in the Current Crisis, Lecturer: Terence Tse, PhD
• May 21, 2020: Action in uncertain times, Lecturer: Anthony J. Evans, PhD

You can register for a specific topic or for the complete online program.

*COTRUGLI Alumni are entitled to special prices.

For more information and application form visit LINK.