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MBA is an investment in the future, and COTRUGLI is a name that further opens doors in the business world

The last few years have been turbulent for world economies and the business environment. Covid-19, the war in Ukraine, soaring electricity and gas prices, problems in the supply chain, and digital disruptions, but all agree on one thing: economic disruptions and an increasingly complex macroeconomic perspective will be vital elements of the strategic environment of the future.

MBA as stability in difficult times

Unpredictable times require different priorities, strategic frameworks and tools to overcome the crisis while maintaining the current market position. 

In all this turmoil, you may be wondering; is now the right time to get an MBA?

Obtaining an MBA requires a significant portion of time and financial resources. Still, it also provides all the necessary skills to generate additional value and achieve management positions in the organizational chart of companies. These skills include strategic thinking, strong communication skillsversatility, the ability to handle complex global business environments and innovative thinking

These competencies polished through the MBA program, make the participants the most sought-after employees while equipping leaders with global infrastructure and digital solutions to provide long-term value. Also, all these skills will be crucial when starting and improving your business.

A solid knowledge-based framework

According to Investopedia, as many as 20% of newly founded companies fail within the first year, 50% close after five years, and 65% after ten years. A solid knowledge-based framework is invaluable because while in the past, companies could develop a strategy and create a step-by-step process, today, executives need a more proactive approach that will allow them to respond to numerous sources of disruption in a short amount of time.

COTRUGLI – a synonym for premium business education

COTRUGLI Business School is a synonym for business excellence and results, and it is the leading business school in Southeast Europe. It holds the AMBA accreditation, which only 300 schools in the world have, which is less than 2% of schools in 70 countries

So far, 2 500 participants have obtained an MBA degree, representing the most extensive alumni network in the region, and more than 20 000 top managers have gone through the academy’s corporate programs. What makes the school special is the ultimate team of foreign lecturers who work as consultants for some of the largest organizations in the world.

Jyoti Gupta, Dean, points out that through the MBA program, participants will learn from the lecturers and each other: “I guarantee that you will gain invaluable knowledge here, but more importantly, you will make friends for life.” He adds: “Our main goal is to channel your personal and professional development, open the door to progress and ensure the best path for your organizations.”

One of the lecturers, Mr Anthony J. Evans, a professor of economics specializing in teaching management economics at the MBA and Executive MBA level, points out that all programs are adapted to family life, respecting the balance between private and business life. COTRUGLI is a place of constant change, dynamism and energy. “My favourite thing is the energy and passion with which the participants approach this challenge. The participants are very interactive, and we try to process and cover all the relevant content while creating a good atmosphere,” says Evans. He also points out that the success of the participants depends on themselves and that the work always pays off: “When I talk to the participants at the beginning or during the enrolment process, the key message I like to convey is that the amount of work directly corresponds to the value they will receive at the end program.”

Be ready for all business challenges of today. And tomorrow.

To rise to all the business challenges of today (and tomorrow), managers must understand the sense of purpose in the organization, and employees must find an operating model that contributes to the achievement of corporate goals, thereby opening the door to new business opportunities and advancement.

Every company will have good and bad events in its life cycle, but what makes a company great is what it does when those events happen. Some events are impossible to predict, but developing a platform that will enable timely responses is possible.

Be ready for all business challenges and check how the MBA programs at COTRUGLI Business School can help you get the most value out of every situation.