The biggest Blockchain Conference in the SEE has exceeded all expectations

The biggest Blockchain Conference in the SEE has exceeded all expectations

This weekend Rovinj was the hot-place-to-be for everyone who wanted to know more on the blockchain topic!

On October 14 in Rovinj, COTRUGLI Business School organized the biggest Blockchain Conference in the South East Europe. It gathered twenty-six speakers, leading blockchain experts, who presented regional and local blockchain ICOs and initiatives. The Conference ended with panel discussions and a Q&A session.

The organizers, COTRUGLI – the leading business school in the SE Europe and Blockchain Adria – the leading regional Blockchain HUB, managed to gather more than 300 participants.

One of the speakers, Dr Terence Tse, who is also a member of COTRUGLI Business School faculty, explained how Blockchain technology enables new way and basis for organizing activities that will revolutionize many industries. As he pointed out, as experts and leaders in a new field we need to be more active in thinking not just about “doing well” but “doing good”. To understand better the blockchain technology, Danny Goh, the co-founder of Innovatube & Nexus FrontierTech, quoted Joseph Lubin, the co-founder of Ethereum: “If you think the Internet has affected your life, Ethereum will have that same pervasive influence on our communications and our entire information infrastructure. It will impact every aspect of our existence.” Maybe the predictions sound very pretentious, but all speakers and participant did agree that this new technology has a lot of pros.

The conference’s audience consisted mostly of CEOs, executives and developers. Their interest in the blockchain differed; some of them are considering blockchain as a new business model for development of their companies, others are considering investing in ICO or making their own, while some are interested in developing blockchain technology for other companies. Some participants came in order to learn more about the blockchain from its grounds.

The leading example for SEE region is Slovenia, who has embraced the new technology and encourages investors and developers. State Secretary of Slovenia, Mr Tadej Slapnik, joined the conference and shared Slovenia’s adjustments and projects to encourage blockchain development, which was a good benchmark for other countries in the region.

Blockchain Adria HUB positioned itself as the central place for blockchain ecosystem in South East Europe. The next milestones are set, and there is much to be continued like several new Blockchain conferences in Zagreba, Belgrade, Budapest, Bucharest and Sofia.

We are ready for Blockchain Adria Conference!

We are ready for Blockchain Adria Conference!

This is an exciting time for COTRUGLI Business School as we continue to grown and adapt, always remaining innovative, motivated and responsive. The world of management education is an exciting area and we will continue to meet and gather inspiring people from all over the world at conferences like Blockchain Adria.

This Saturday you can expect experts and leading blockchain authorities, some of them being Anton Golub, Danny Goh, Terence Tse, Peter Merc, Mališa Pušonja, Daniel Dabek, Anita Gupta, Tali Režun, Nikola Jokić, Ivan Bjelajac, Zoran Milošević, Peter Trček, Hajdi Ćenan, Manuel Alonso Coto…

Our goal is to encourage you to gather incentives and ideas for initiating new blockchain projects, as well as to pick up practical tips & tricks for your business.

After the Conference, a party for our guests and COTRUGLI alumni community will be organized at Hotel Lone.


We started with COTRUGLI Days!

We started with COTRUGLI Days!

Today we started our 7th COTRUGLI Days with EMBA ZG 13, EMBA ZG 14, EMBA BG 8, EMBA BG 9 & MBA 8. The first day was very interesting, with professors Davide Sola and Nicolas Kfuri.

Don’t forget to share your experience with us: #COTRUGLIdays

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Objavu dijeli Cotrugli Business School (@cotrugli)

Here we go! #COTRUGLIdays #rovinj #cotrugli

Objavu dijeli Cotrugli Business School (@cotrugli)

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Objavu dijeli Cotrugli Business School (@cotrugli)


7 Practical Tips to Build a Better Network

7 Practical Tips to Build a Better Network

Networking is one of the most effective business strategies. It is a great way of sharing knowledge, ideas and expertise and building your professional profile.

Following these 7 practical tips will help you get your approach to networking off to a great start, or, if you’re an experienced networker, improve your existing skills.

Have a purpose

Think about what you want to achieve from networking. Do you want to develop your career, meet new clients, broaden your horizons, or all of the above? Networking is much more productive and enjoyable when you have a clear goal in mind. Be able to articulate what you are looking for and how others may help you. 


Do some research on the company, industry or career of your contact. Spend more time with fewer people. Impress your targets with your knowledge of who they are and why you are a perfect match.

Provide value to others

Ask people how you can help them and what their goals are. They will quickly respond with a question on how they can help you. Become known as a powerful resource for others. When you are known as a strong resource, people remember to turn to you for suggestions, ideas, names of other people, etc. This keeps you visible to them.

Ask engaging questions

Ask open-ended questions in networking conversations. This means questions that ask who, what, where, when, and how as opposed to those that can be answered with a simple yes or no. This form of questioning opens up the discussion and shows listeners that you are interested in them. Network via a sincere interest in others rather than promoting just your own personal interest.

Practice with people you know

Start with people you know, then expand to their acquaintances and finally strangers after the process becomes second nature.

It’s always good to practice on your friend before moving on to people they suggest. Using a referral’s name when you contact someone you don’t know can be very helpful in breaking the ice.

Have Fun

Whenever you attend a networking event, above all else, focus on having a good time. People will be attracted to your good attitude. If you’re enjoying yourself, people will enjoy your company. And, even if all fails, at least you can say you had a great time!


If you’re not following up, you’re not networking! Write personalized follow-up within two days. Your new contacts will also be impressed you took the time to reach out to them so soon after your introduction. If someone says “Sorry, I can not help you this moment,” ask a new question: “Is there a possibility of further contact with you?”.

To succeed at networking events, leave people you meet with a good impression. You want people to feel your positive energy and to see you are willing to help others, as well as have a special area of expertise. This will help ensure the relationship and conversation you have to grow after the networking event.


Terence Tse – new book

Terence Tse – new book

Our professor Terence Tse released new book: “Corporate Finance – the basics”.

“Over the years of teaching, I have been asked if I could recommend an easy-to-access corporate finance book that presents the most essential elements of financial management. Time and time again, I failed to come up with a suggestion.

So, I decided to write one. And the final product is Corporate Finance: The Basics. My job: take the fear out and put the fun in. Learning should be rewarding and not pain-inflicting. And this book is written with these ideas in mind.” – Terence Tse

Right now, visit quote FLR40, you will receive 20% off. This is a publisher discount and hence cannot be used elsewhere. You will also be able to find it on Amazon and, hopefully, very soon, in the bookshop near you.


Executive MBA Module in September in Zagreb

Executive MBA Module in September in Zagreb

Executive MBA 14 generation attended their sixth module HR & People Management in Zagreb last weekend, delivered by Dr. Joseph C. Santora.

Professor Joseph is Distinguished Visiting Professor of Management and director of research and E-DBA doctoral program at Pont Business School, full professor at Ecole des Ponts and visiting professor at COTRUGLI Business School.

As today’s HR does not only concern itself with administrative-related activities with an organization, it has become an active contributor to the strategic and competitive success of an organization. The focus of this module was on the other aspects of HR functions and activities that have evolved over the years and what is considered good practice in some of these areas of activities. Most importantly it challenged students to think about HRM in their own organizations in light of a globalised and networked world.

After three days of numerous activities done in teams, class discussions and real life examples, participants couldn’t hide their enthusiasm and contentment on the newly acquired knowledge.